Series 3

This series of drawings and paintings investigates representations of power and flux as visualized in current and historic informational graphics. I manipulate the language of charts, maps and diagrams by hybridizing and conflating images found in these formats. In essence, I am interested in how we see and remember visual information, and how our viewing experience ultimately dissolves into a series of afterimages.

Everyday in both print and digital media, we view information about such diverse topics as the imbalance of world trade, the spread of a virus within a community, or the changing boundaries of a disputed area of land. The graphical language of charts, maps, and diagrams has the ability to communicate information about complex topics in compact form. This series entitled Imaging Power and Flux explores the afterimages that remain with us, as images of power and flux commingle, condense and form hybrids in our memory.

Series 2 Series 1

In this series of drawings, I am interested in mapping the various ways we “know” things and how we move from an infinite array of facts, ideas, and sensations to a more focused state. It is the path from the peripheral to the specific that I wish to record. And as we all know these paths are rarely straight lines, but rather a network of tangents. In the margins and alleys of our thinking, choices are worked out and names given: it is in this space we give form to ideas. These drawings record the process of ordering and connecting, and provide a place for thinking to become visible.